Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Declaration of Craft Week, August 18-26

Hi Everyone!

It looks like I'm ready to knit in a tree again. What a horribly long absence from sincere blogging! Well, I'm back and ready to get back in the swing... And, to start off I'm declaring it craft week starting today and going until Thursday August 26. Won't you come and join me?

If you get a chance in the next week, take some time to pull out your favorite medium and start creating. It doesn't have to be knitting related, I'm likely going to steer away from knitting myself as I hope to focus on a few other projects that I've been neglecting.

And, if you feel inspired to share what you're doing, please don't hesitate to send me an email with pictures, comment below, or update your own blog. And, I'll try to keep you updated on my progress on here too.

If I'm lucky I may even inspire S to join me in this pursuit. I look forward to hearing what is keeping you busy.


  1. yeah liza!!!
    I have a few projects that I have been working on- and I will be thinking of you as I work on a sweater/jacket for gus- I am hoping that it will be done so he can wear it this autumn- I wish we could sit and knit together in a tree with you!!!

  2. Hi liza
    I will try my hardest to join your craft week. I am almost done with my skirt!
    I like your tree pics.

  3. Does planting trees in my yard count?

  4. You betcha! I think I need to rename this week as DIY week.