Tuesday, July 13, 2010

knitting gods strike again

I've been rather quiet lately. But, then again something about summer time makes me put my words in other places than online mostly into these herbs I've been nursing along.

A few weeks ago an old friend from college shared a story with me about how the knitting gods left a few skeins of yarn at her doorstep. I'm glad to know that my stories are inspiring friends to share their own knitting adventures with me. C and I don't get to talk much anymore so it was a treat to hear from her and also to know that the knitting gods are treating her well.

We've had some fun times together.

Strangely enough, I also got a bit of good knitting fortune on that same week. Quite Contrary, an even older friend, sent me a little box crammed with four very soft skeins all in blue shades and a collection of earrings. Quite Contrary got to spend some time at some of my favorite thrift stores this summer. I'm so glad she thought of me.